Industrial Trades Services support sustainable business from construction, maintenance, commissioning and operations. Our business emphasizes general contractors, subcontractors, and facilities managers who are working on energy, commercial, industrial and institutional project development. The need for quality renewable energy staffing has increased as renewable energy has grown rapidly. Industrial Trade Services is a trusted renewable energy staffing source with over 100 years of combined construction and renewable energy staffing experience.  


Industrial Trades Services is a leading wind industry staffing provider. Our success in the Wind Energy field has been driven by our experienced heavy crane and rigging teams as well as our skilled heavy civil crews. The most critical component to any wind energy project is the skilled workforce. With our experience and skilled heavy crane and rigging teams we can provide cost and time saving efficiencies that ensure your project is built on time and within budget.  


Wind Power                                    Solar Energy

-Crane Operators                            -Installers

-Assemblers                                    -Carpenters

-Equipment Operators                  -Electricians

-Iron Workers                                 -Equipment Operators

-Welders                                          -Welders

-Electricians                                    -Assemblers

-Millwrights                                    -Millwrights

-Carpenters                                     -Laborers