Industrial Construction: Heavy vs. Light – Differences, Examples, Advantages & Equipment

In the realm of construction, the difference between heavy and light industrial construction projects plays a pivotal role. In this article, we will delve into the differences, provide examples, explore the advantages and disadvantages, and discuss the equipment typically used in heavy and light industrial construction projects.   Differences Between Heavy and Light Industrial Construction… Read More »

Streamline Your Construction Shutdown Season

Construction shutdown project with welders and millwrights on-site

Maximize Efficiency and Streamline Your Construction Shutdown Season   The construction industry’s shutdown season brings both opportunities and challenges. It’s the ideal time for essential maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, but it also presents the demanding task of securing skilled tradesmen to ensure the smooth progress of your projects. This is where ITS comes into play.… Read More »

A Guide to Different Types of Crane Operators and their Certifications

Crane operators are essential to various industries, from construction to manufacturing. They are responsible for lifting and moving heavy loads using cranes, which requires precision, skill, and experience. If you are a crane operating company looking to hire a crane operator, or want to become one, understanding the different types of crane operators and the… Read More »

Construction Safety Meeting Topics

Construction Safety Meeting Topics Construction safety meetings are a great way to keep everyone informed about construction-related topics. The right information shared at these sessions can help protect people, comply with regulations, and reduce workers’ compensation costs for your company. The list of topics that you need to be covering regularly in your safety meetings… Read More »

What is Construction Management Software?

Construction management programs let contractors know what they need to do and when. The software can prevent overruns, and increase profits for both large companies as well as individual smaller businesses. Contractors use these types of programs specifically because it helps them keep track of everything from invoices owed at any given time; scheduling meetings… Read More »

Welding symbol Chart

Basic Welding Symbols Think you know how to weld? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t. Welding is an incredibly complex and nuanced process that takes years of practice to perfect. But before you can even start learning the intricacies of welding, you need to learn the basics. This includes understanding basic welding… Read More »

What is a Construction Manager?

Construction managers control every aspect of the construction project going on. This includes everything from planning the project to coordinating an efficient budget. Most construction managers will spend quite a bit of time on the job site themselves to ensure everything is going as planned. So let’s jump into some information about construction management: How… Read More »

The Importance of Job Site Safety

Working in construction exposes you to risks that are unheard of in other industries. Falling from far heights, electrocution, getting crushed by machinery or debris, or even getting struck by a moving object. These four risks are known as the “fatal four” and were responsible for about 57.7% of fatalities in 2013. So how can… Read More »

Benefits of Outsourcing Skilled Labor

Today, we’re going to focus on why outsourcing skilled labor can be essential to your company’s success. Increased Labor Productivity! Construction staffing allows for labor flexibility and on-demand skilled labor. With temporary staffing, you can add as many or few skilled tradesmen that you need to complete a job in an efficient and timely manner.… Read More »

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