What is a Construction Manager?

Construction managers control every aspect of the construction project going on. This includes everything from planning the project to coordinating an efficient budget. Most construction managers will spend quite a bit of time on the job site themselves to ensure everything is going as planned.

So let’s jump into some information about construction management:

  1. How do you Become a Construction Manager?
    Although it is very possible to work your way into a construction management position with no degree, the majority of highly ranked managers obtain a bachelor’s degree in construction management at a four-year university. Some of the best Universities for this degree include Virginia Tech University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Minnesota. Alternatively, here you can see a list of the best construction management degree programs 2021.
  2. Start Small.
    Begin by getting an entry-level construction job. You can even do this while obtaining a degree so you already have on-site experience when you graduate. Don’t think you are above getting a low-skilled construction job either. This will show employers your willingness to work all while gaining job site culture. Building your way to the top can take some time, be patient. 
  3. Get Certified.
    Certifications are not universal requirements, but they definitely give you an edge. There are countless different types of certifications you can obtain. Get as many as possible. A good majority of them are not extremely hard and look amazing on a resume. Construction Management Association of America’s Certified Construction Manager program is a major one for any future construction manager.

Before taking the dive into construction management, make sure you know everything you would be doing, and if it is a good fit. Consider taking construction jobs beforehand to see if it really is your passion. Also, make sure you talk to somebody in the industry who can give you a good insight into what you might exactly be dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

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